Strategy & Consulting

Whether you are building a website or you are in the market for a full blown

online lead generation and client acquisition campaign, you need a strategy.

Different… on purpose

If you have a written business strategy, you are aware how important it is to align every initiative to it.

Aligning a well-crafted online strategy can accelerate your goal achievement and revenue growth.

If you don’t have a current business strategy in place, we can help you with that.

First impressions are everything.

Your website provides the visual first impression.

It’s the front door of your “home.” The first thing everyone sees.

Your brand strategy sets the stage for creating first and lasting impressions.

Don’t compromise.

Big budget or small, we’ll help you make sure your project creates engagement,

communicates your message, your essence and intentions.

We are experts at creating first and lasting impressions.

Can’t afford a formal strategy?

We are the agency for you!

We are experienced strategists and wickedly creative geniuses.

We know what makes you different.

We know what your clients want.

We create strategies that work.

Let’s talk.

Ask our competitors to develop a robust strategy.

They’ll rattle off words like, Site Architecture,

Wireframes, Mockups, Color and Font style – these are important,

but they are elements of website design and development – not strategy.

They might even talk a little about your brand.

What they won’t do is work diligently to understand and align

your corporate strategy to your online initiatives.

Want to capture online clients and automate revenue?

Then you want a company that understands your current business and your online options.

You’ll want a proven strategy that propels your business

forward while automation reduces costs.

Our competition doesn’t understand business models.

Imagine the gaps and loss of opportunity.

Our online strategists will conduct the discovery that is required to

ensure you get what you want and what you need – today and into the future.

Cohesive Strategy Guaranteed

Your organization’s strategy aligned to your online business

We provide a full suite of strategy services

Start-up to high-growth companies, we develop breakthrough online strategy, branding and business strategy

Experts in online models that complement and catalyze an existing bricks and mortar business

New or redesign, our strategies will cause your brand to spread like wildfire.


Websites • Online Marketing • Brand • SEO • Email Marketing • Social Media

Brand Strategy Development

Competitive Analysis
Voice Style & Color Palette Development
Graphic Identity, Logo & Wordmark Development
Corporate Typefaces & Typographic Treatments
Style Treatment Definitions & Print Collateral

Online Marketing Strategy & Management

Search Engine Optimization
PPC and Ad Campaigns
Content Strategy
Email Marketing
Social Media

We Are Growth Experts

Are you a growth-minded organization?

Our clients consistently increase revenue, profit and opportunity when they

work with us to define and implement strategic,

scalable bricks and mortar and online growth models.

Stuttering or are poised for growth?

We have an undisputed track record for building performance driven,

high-engagement websites and leveraging strategic, record-breaking

campaigns for increasing traffic, unlocking revenue

breakthroughs and unleashing profit margins.

We are experts in designing and implementing the processes and systems that catalyze and

support ongoing measurable and quantifiable growth in your business.

Start-up or growth-company, whether your intention is to build to sell or build to grow, you must maximize automation, scalable systems and profitability.

Whether you want a big cash buy out or want your company to run without you,

–  it all starts with strategy.

If you don’t have a strong, forward-leaning, competitive business strategy, it is hard to get anything else right

– even your website

– especially your marketing.

PPG Web Solutions is a division of a 30-year, award winning, management consultancy;

specializing in profitable strategy and business models – from bricks and mortar to the web.

Signs you might need a strategy consultation

Is your brand creating first impressions that bring you business or are your visitors bouncing?

Check your bounce rate on Google Analytics

Is traffic on your website growing every month?

Check your new users stats in Google Analytics

Is your website fulfilling your goals or the online goals of your business strategy?

Measure your results each day, week and month.  If not, take action.

How well are you doing against your competition online? 

Performed a competitive analysis and see what you must do to outperform the competition.

Are you leveraging every potential revenue stream available to your company – online and off-line?

Speak to a qualified strategy expert to see where you may be missing opportunities.

Do you know what your SEO Report Card looks like?

Get Yours Today.  Invaluable strategy you can use to grow your business.

Knowledge is Power

Smarter is Smarter

Let’s get started!

SEO Report Card

SEO Report Card

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Brand Performance Analysis

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