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Sheri Taber

About Sheri Taber

CEO of The Peak Performance Group, Inc. An inbound marketing and conversion-centered web design agency. We are growth experts and profit fixers specializing in corporate and online growth strategies serving start-ups to high-growth clients around the world. PPGWebSolutions.com serves clients worldwide with offices in Tampa, Florida and Indianapolis, Indiana. We are a Hubspot Partner and Inbound Marketing Certified and we specialize in Growth Driven Design initiatives.

The ROI of Inbound Marketing

The ROI of inbound marketing consulting? HUGE.

Much like a fabulously made, well-researched, high-value, evergreen article. Publish it in 2017 and, with perhaps some small updates as time passes, it’s still earning you leads and conversions in 2022 (that’s being conservative in certain niche markets).

It’s the same for inbound marketing. It’s founded on a solid customer-benefit

By |Tuesday, March 21, 2017|

How to Avoid A Google Penalty

I remember my first experiences with Search Engine Optimization. It was the mid-90s, Internet Explorer and Netscape were the leading browsers and AltaVista and Yahoo were absolutely the dominant search engines.

Everything was so much easier back then. Most sites were built with HTML. Layouts were created using HTML tables. Back then, all you had to

By |Thursday, March 16, 2017|

Why Your Business Needs to Hire an Inbound Consultant

A qualified inbound marketing consultant is an independent strategist that conducts a thorough analysis of your company, your market, your competition and your industry to identify unique online and inbound opportunities that will catalyze your company’s online performance, resulting in new leads, new customer conversions, increased revenue and profit.

Using data-driven analyses and research, your

By |Friday, March 10, 2017|

How to Get 100 Targeted Leads in 30 Days

Getting 100 leads in 30 days? Is that doable? Yes. Some could even get 1000!

Let’s call it a challenge. Both the beginning and end of this ‘challenge’ is satisfying: You and your team have a finish line in your sights and it’s easier to put all your energy in your run because you see that

By |Monday, February 27, 2017|

Six Steps to a Stronger Online Brand

Your online brand reputation is everything!

Ann Smarty‘s @seosmarty fabulous article about building a stronger online brand inspired this short overview. She offers her expert insight in detail in her article published on Search Engine Watch. Her article inspired us to post the highlights here along with some of our own expert insights.

Brand reputation

By |Tuesday, February 21, 2017|

How to Get More Leads to Your Website

How to Get Clients to Find Your Website?

What do I have to do to get qualified leads to my website?

How will you go from having little to no traffic to increasing numbers of qualified leads that are ready to become customers? How do I get the kind of traffic and conversions my friends are bragging

By |Monday, February 13, 2017|

Why You Need A New Website

How to Make Sure It Will Pay for Itself – Over and Over

Do I really need a new website?

That’s what a recent client asked.

It’s a pretty normal question. If you listen closely enough, you can also hear a little fear and distrust. Let’s face it, this whole web world is a little

By |Thursday, February 9, 2017|

Buyer Personas – Getting it Right is More Important than You Think

When thinking about your business and the product or service you are offering, you probably already have an image of your ideal customer in your head. The big question is… Are you lumping all your clients into one giant mix? If so, you’ll want to rethink your ideal customer, who they are and

By |Monday, January 23, 2017|

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy – Step One

Marketing Managers set their expectations on the wrong goal when it comes to producing content. They expect each piece to independently increase their website traffic, the number of leads and local search engine rankings.

Most articles are just a “drop in the Internet ocean.” Just one more article among a bunch of similar ones (sometimes exactly

By |Monday, January 9, 2017|

How to Attract More Targeted Traffic

Trust me when I say, this isn’t one more boring article dealing with increasing the number of visits to your website. No useless advice on how to reach your target group and attract them to your site. This article isn’t written by semi-trained copywriters, but by experienced professionals, with many years of experience driving visitors

By |Friday, December 16, 2016|